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After slipping and falling, such as in a grocery store or walking into a building, you may feel too embarrassed to speak up and get the legal and medical help you need. A couple of days later, you may notice swelling or constant pain, go to the doctor, and realize that the fall caused a more serious injury than just bruised pride.

Not all slip-and-fall injuries are because the victim was clumsy or not paying attention to where they were going. You may have fallen because the property owner you visited was negligent in its safety and upkeep. If you’re hurt after slipping and falling, you may have grounds to pursue compensation from the property owner where the accident happened. A Winter Haven, FL, slip and fall lawyer from The Turnbull Firm can evaluate your situation and give personalized advice about your next steps.

How Can A Winter Haven Slip And Fall Lawyer Help Me?

Property owners, whether it’s a grocery store, office, or even the DMV, are responsible for maintaining the premises so that it’s safe for visitors and guests. This includes keeping the floor clean of spills and other slip hazards or placing signage indicating slick, slippery floors. Failure to do so could mean that the property owner is liable for any harm someone suffers if they slip, fall, and get hurt.

However, a business owner may fight back against a claim for compensation after a slip and fall case, trying to pin the blame of the accident on you. Your lawyer, in turn, builds a case of negligence and fault against that property owner, proving that they failed to maintain safe premises. The goal is to secure fair compensation for your losses so you can heal and recover.

Building A Case For Negligence In A Slip And Fall Case

Proof in a negligence case may take many forms. Your lawyer may review any video footage of the accident, such as security camera footage. They may interview witnesses, getting accounts of the accident and the conditions of the property before your fall. Your lawyer may also audit the safety records of the premises, noting whether the owner was aware of the unsafe conditions or reasonably should have been aware, yet did not fix them.

Not all slip-and-fall cases end up in a courtroom. Many are settled outside of court, in mediation, or other negotiations between the two parties. An attorney can represent you in these negotiations. They know how much your case is worth and, as a trained negotiator, can fight for the highest settlement for you.

Our Legal Team Is Ready To Help You

Have you been hurt after slipping and falling? You may have more legal options than you think. Contact a Winter Haven slip and fall lawyer to learn if you’re eligible for compensation for your medical treatment, pain and suffering, and lost wages from time missed at work. CallThe Turnbull Firm today for a free consultation.

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