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Nursing home neglect may be one of the saddest types of personal injury cases we handle. Abusers in a skilled nursing facility, assisted living community, or memory care home prey on vulnerable residents who may be physically or mentally unable to stop or report the abuse. As a family member of someone suffering nursing home neglect, you may not realize how many legal options you have.

We can help you. Our Winter Haven, FL nursing home neglect lawyer at The Turnbull Firm will take your nursing home neglect and abuse case seriously. We guide you through the legal process to help you hold the abuser to justice and get compensation so you can help your loved one heal and pay for somewhere safer for them to reside.

What Does A Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Do?

Nursing home neglect lawyers help families like yours determine the extent of nursing home neglect and identify the responsible party or parties. In some cases, nursing homes are understaffed or staffed with poorly trained care workers, so your loved one doesn’t get the proper care they need. Residents in these facilities may not be fed or given water as often as they should, or bedbound residents may not be moved regularly enough to prevent bedsores.

In other cases, the nursing home may have enough workers, but the workers don’t complete their duties or provide the care needed for the patients to enjoy a good quality of life or recover from their illness or injury. These workers should be held accountable for their actions.

Neglect is a form of abuse, make no mistake. Whether it’s the caregiver or the nursing home management company that is responsible for patient neglect, we can gather the evidence needed to get full and fair compensation for the victims.

Compensation In A Nursing Home Neglect Case

Proving neglect may be complicated. A nursing home management company may want to avoid allegations of neglect made public, and so could have evidence of neglect or even fire the workers responsible, which makes it harder for your lawyer to prove that your loved one was neglected.

Our legal advice starts with helping you learn how to gather the evidence you need while protecting your loved one so that you can help your attorney advance your claim. We walk beside you during the process, giving you the insight and advice you need to make the right decisions on behalf of your loved one. We’ll also properly value your loved one’s claim so you can use your settlement to place them in a safer, better-quality facility.

Nursing Home Neglect Infographic

Legal Challenges and Developments in Nursing Home Neglect Law Infographic

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Do you need help gathering evidence or filing a claim for nursing home neglect? Our Winter Haven nursing home neglect lawyer from The Turnbull Firm can help you file your suit and negotiate a fair settlement with the nursing home. We’re passionate about helping you and your loved one get justice, and we’re prepared to take your case to court to achieve it. 

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