Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Decatur, GA

When a car strikes a pedestrian, even if the driver is going slow, the person afoot often suffers grievous injuries. Broken bones, a concussion, and even painful “road rash” when your skin scrapes along the pavement are all common pedestrian accident injuries. Your recovery may be long and painful, with no certainty that you’ll regain your full abilities.

You deserve justice and compensation for the money you’ve spent on medical care and rehabilitative therapy after the accident. The legal team at The Turnbull Firm can help you get it. A Decatur, GA, pedestrian accident lawyer fights to ensure that your interests are protected and you receive fair compensation after the accident. Call us today for a free consultation.

What Does A Decatur Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Do?

Pedestrian accident lawyers represent victims who were struck by a car or bicycle or who fell because the path or walking surface was fundamentally unsafe. They prepare a case against the at-fault party, be it the vehicle’s driver, bike rider, or a municipality responsible, to ensure that pedestrian spaces are safe for walking (free of trip hazards, have adequate lighting or handrails for stairs and ramps).

Your attorney can gather evidence proving fault on the part of the other party (the defendant) and calculate the value of your losses, both out-of-pocket and intangible (like pain and suffering). Then, they demand fair compensation from the defendant or their insurance company. The legal process can include negotiations for a settlement or a trial in civil court. The goal is to make restitution to the victim (called the plaintiff) for their losses from an accident they didn’t cause.

Comprehensive Legal Representation

Our firm handles hundreds of personal injury claims each year. We have deep knowledge of relevant Georgia and Delaware laws that apply in your case and the skills to apply them in your favor. Our team has comprehensive experience properly valuing pedestrian accident claims, focusing on making sure you receive every penny you’re entitled to.

We take care of your claim from start to finish, beginning with investigating the incident and filing all necessary legal documents to pursue your compensation. We can also communicate with the defendant and their insurance company for you so that you can recover in peace. At each step in the process, we discuss your options, what we can do to advance your claim, and the possible outcomes of each decision so you have plenty of information to make the right choices for your case.

Getting The Compensation You Deserve After A Pedestrian Accident

Whether you were hit by a car, truck, or bike, you have the right to demand that the at-fault party compensate you for your losses. Trust The Turnbull Firm to fight for your rights and represent your interests in the legal system. We have decades of combined experience and vast resources to help victims like you. Contact us today for a free consultation with a skilled Decatur pedestrian accident lawyer.

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