Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Decatur, GA

Nursing home neglect is one of the most tragic forms of abuse. Many nursing home residents cannot physically care for themselves or advocate for proper care. Some may be unable to speak up, suffering at the hands of neglectful or abusive staff and nursing home management that overlooks these issues or is indifferent. At The Turnbull Firm, we believe that your elderly or inform loved one in a nursing home deserves better treatment and that neglectful staff and poor nursing home management companies should be held accountable.

A Decatur, GA, nursing home neglect lawyer can help you build a case of negligence against staff and other negligent parties and pursue compensation for your loved one. A settlement can provide the means for medical care to treat the causes of abuse and neglect and give you the means to place your loved one in a safer, more comfortable home. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How Can A Decatur Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Help My Family?

Nursing home neglect is more common than many believe. Many facilities face staffing challenges, which means that residents may not get proper care because there are not enough caregivers. Or, some nursing home management companies fail to do due diligence in the hiring process, and so your loved one may be at the mercy of caregivers who do not know how to properly care for the elderly and infirm or who simply do not care about your loved one’s needs.

We believe this treatment of society’s most vulnerable individuals is shameful, and we’re here to hold neglectful staff and management companies accountable for their actions. From explaining what nursing home neglect looks like and helping you gather evidence to filing a suit for compensatory damages on your loved one’s behalf, we’re by your side at every step.

Fighting For Maximum Compensation In Nursing Home Abuse Cases

A settlement from a nursing home neglect case, or a jury award if the case goes to trial, cannot un-do the abuse your loved one suffered, but the compensation you receive can be used to give them good medical care and help your family afford to place them in a safer home.

Our attorneys can help you seek full compensation for all necessary medical and psychological care for your loved one, as well as consideration for their pain and suffering, and emotional stress. We may also demand compensation for the money you paid for sub-standard care and, in some cases, pursue punitive (punishing) damages against a nursing home management company that permitted systemic neglect and abuse in the facility. Your loved one deserves better – and we’ll help you fight for it.

Dedicated Attorneys Fighting For Your Rights

If your loved one suffered from neglect or abuse in a nursing home, memory care facility, or assisted living community, they may be eligible for compensation from the at-fault party or parties. We can help you pursue legal action, including demanding full compensatory damages. At The Turnbull Firm, we give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced Decatur nursing home neglect lawyer.

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