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Motorcycle crashes are serious, and the rider often ends up with severe, life-changing injuries. If you’ve been struck by a car or truck while riding, you have the right to file a suit for compensation against the at-fault party, whether it’s the driver of the other vehicle or another entity. A motorcycle accident case is a different matter than a simple fender-bender, and successfully getting the compensation you’re entitled to may not be as simple as you think.

While you’re laying in a hospital recovering from a motorcycle accident, trust our Winter Haven, FL motorcycle accident lawyer from The Turnbull Firm to handle the legal heavy lifting to get you the compensation you deserve. We have experience with cases like yours.

How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

Many people may believe they don’t need a lawyer to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company. However, did you know that you’re entitled to compensation for any future medical care you need, including physical therapy? You’re also entitled to compensation for diminished earning capacity if you’re injured to the point where you cannot continue in your current job. An attorney who is familiar with motorcycle accident cases can help you get full and fair compensation.

Your lawyer can communicate with the other party on your behalf, as well, including the driver’s insurance company and any lawyers representing the insurance company or the driver. You can focus on healing in peace, and we’ll take care of representing your interests.

Complications In A Motorcycle Accident Claim

Motorcycle accident claims may have more complications than just serious injuries. The insurance adjuster may have a bias towards you, as a motorcycle rider, believing that you were reckless or not taking your safety seriously. This could impact your claim, but your lawyer can fight to prove the other party’s negligence. Sometimes, building the case against the other party also involves proving you were a responsible rider. Our experience with Florida rules of evidence can help you build a strong case against the at-fault party.

Sometimes, a single-vehicle motorcycle crash may not be the operator’s fault. The city or county responsible for properly maintaining the roads may have been negligent, permitting potholes or other unsafe road conditions to persist, making it more dangerous for riders. The uneven roadway or dips that wouldn’t trouble a car or truck driver can be deadly for someone on a bike. If you were in a single-vehicle wreck, you may have a claim against another party, which we can help you explore.

Hurt In A Motorcycle Crash? We’re Here To Help!

If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle accident, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Your Winter Haven motorcycle accident lawyer can provide personalized advice so you can make informed decisions for your case. As your advocate and supporter, we’ll also protect your rights and interests throughout the claims process. Call The Turnbull Firm today for your free case review.

Recovering From A Devastating Motorcycle Accident

The immediate moments following a motorcycle accident can be chaotic and overwhelming. For victims, the path to recovery involves not only medical attention but also legal battles in the pursuit of crucial financial compensation. Motorcycle accidents often result in more severe injuries compared to car accidents, given the exposed nature of riders. This increased risk underscores the importance of having an experienced legal advocate on your side. Our Winter Haven motorcycle accident lawyer has the knowledge and skills necessary to assist you with your motorcycle accident claim and will fight hard to ensure that you receive justice.

The Compensation That You Deserve

Compensation for motorcycle accident victims encompasses several categories, designed to cover both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are tangible losses such as medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. These are quantifiable costs that can be calculated based on bills, receipts, and wage statements. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium. These are subjective losses that a victim suffers due to their injuries, which, although more challenging to quantify, are equally important in the eyes of the law.

In addition to these compensations, in certain cases, punitive damages may also be awarded. Punitive damages are not directly related to the victim’s losses but are instead intended to punish the defendant for particularly reckless or malicious behavior and to deter similar conduct in the future. Our Florida motorcycle accident lawyer will discuss the specifics of your case with you and determine the maximum amount of compensation that you should seek after your motorcycle accident.

The Importance Choosing The Right Legal Partner

The importance of selecting the right legal representation cannot be overstated. A good lawyer can make all the difference as you pursue justice and compensation in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. With a proven track record of securing favorable outcomes, our team understands the intricacies of motorcycle accident claims and is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive legal support. 

Our approach is client-centered, focusing on the unique needs and concerns of each victim we represent. We pride ourselves on maintaining open lines of communication, ensuring our clients are informed and involved at every step of the legal process. With our motorcycle accident lawyer, our clients can rest assured that their case is in capable hands, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

Our Dedicated Representation

The journey to recovery after a motorcycle accident can be long and fraught with challenges. However, with the right legal guidance, victims can navigate this path with confidence, securing the compensation they need to rebuild their lives. Our motorcycle accident lawyer is here to assist you with every step of your recovery both inside and outside of the legal system. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t face this challenge alone. Contact our team at The Turnbull Firm today to schedule a consultation and take a crucial step on the path to recovery after a motorcycle accident.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents And How To Avoid Them

Our Winter Haven, FL motorcycle accident lawyer is well aware of the sense of freedom and adventure that riding a motorcycle has to offer. However, it also comes with its own set of risks. With more than 20 years of experience, The Turnbull Firm, we understand how devastating motorcycle accidents can be and are committed to helping our clients stay safe on the road. By understanding the common causes of motorcycle accidents and taking steps to avoid them, we can all contribute to safer riding experiences. Here, we’ll outline the most frequent causes of motorcycle accidents and provide practical tips on how to avoid them.

1. Distracted Driving

One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is distracted driving. This can involve anything from texting to eating or adjusting the radio. For motorcyclists, the best defense against distracted drivers is to stay vigilant. Always keep a safe distance from other vehicles and be prepared for sudden movements. It’s also wise to use reflective gear and headlights, even during the day, to increase visibility.

2. Speeding

Speeding is a significant factor in many motorcycle accidents. Riding at high speeds reduces the time a rider has to react to obstacles and increases the severity of accidents. To avoid accidents caused by speeding, we recommend always adhering to posted speed limits and adjusting speed according to road and traffic conditions. Remember, it’s better to arrive a few minutes late than to risk an accident.

3. Lane Splitting

Lane splitting, or riding between lanes of traffic, is a common practice in some areas but is illegal in many places. It can be extremely dangerous due to the reduced space and unpredictable movements of other vehicles. To avoid the dangers of lane splitting, it’s best to stay within a single lane and wait for traffic to move. If lane splitting is legal in your area, do so cautiously and at a slow speed.

4. Left-Turning Vehicles

Accidents often occur when a vehicle makes a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle. These accidents can be particularly severe due to the angle of impact. To avoid such collisions, we advise always being on the lookout for signs that a vehicle may turn left, such as an activated turn signal or a gap in traffic. Our Winter Haven motorcycle accident lawyer will share that if you suspect a vehicle may turn, slow down and be prepared to take evasive action.

5. Road Hazards

Cars experience far less road hazards than motorcycles do. Potholes, loose gravel, and debris can easily cause a motorcycle to lose control. To mitigate the risk of accidents from road hazards, always scan the road ahead for potential dangers and ride at a speed that allows you to react safely. Additionally, using both brakes when necessary and maintaining your motorcycle in good condition can help you handle unexpected hazards better.

6. Alcohol Use

Riding a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol significantly impairs your ability to operate the bike safely. Alcohol affects your reaction time, coordination, and judgment, making it a major cause of motorcycle accidents. The best way to avoid accidents caused by alcohol is simple: never drink and ride. If you plan on drinking, arrange for alternative transportation.

7. Inexperienced Riders

Inexperience is a major contributor to motorcycle accidents. New riders may lack the skills and confidence needed to handle various riding situations. We recommend taking a motorcycle safety course to improve your riding skills and gain confidence on the road. Regular practice and starting with less powerful bikes can also help new riders build their skills gradually.

8. Weather Conditions

Inclement weather, such as rain, snow, or fog, can make riding a motorcycle more dangerous. Wet or icy roads reduce traction and visibility, increasing the likelihood of an accident. To avoid weather-related accidents, check the weather forecast before heading out and avoid riding in severe conditions whenever possible. If you must ride in poor weather, reduce your speed, increase following distances, and use appropriate gear to stay dry and visible.

9. Mechanical Failures

Mechanical failures, such as brake or tire issues, can lead to accidents. Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to ensuring your motorcycle is in top condition. Before each ride, check your tires, brakes, lights, and fluid levels to catch any potential issues early.

Staying Safe On The Road

It’s important to understand the common causes of motorcycle accidents and to take proactive steps in efforts to prevent them from occurring. At The Turnbull Firm, we are dedicated to promoting safe riding practices and helping accident victims get the support they need. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, our Winter Haven motorcycle accident lawyer team is here to assist. Contact us today to discuss your case and explore your options for recovery with a complimentary consultation. Let’s ride safely together.

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