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Personal injuries caused by another’s negligence are a great source of distress. If you were afflicted by a careless mistake and suffering damages because of your injuries, you are due a settlement. Your personal injury can be a source of great strife, throwing your life off-track as you deal with a pile of expenses. Fortunately, you can receive the support of a personal injury law firm that can represent your case to the other party or their insurance company. You will want to start your injury claim as soon as possible to avoid running out of time according to the statute of limitations. 

Get the compensation you deserve after you have suffered the adversity of a personal injury. Representation by an experienced Florida personal injury law firm is key to your success. A knowledgeable attorney can prove negligence and get you the settlement you deserve. Contact Turnbull Injury Law in Lakeland, FL for a free consultation.  

An Overview of Lakeland Personal Injury Attorneys

When you get a personal injury lawyer on your team, you can expect your case to be represented in a fair light before the other parties. If no amount is decided, then your attorney will defend you in court. 

What Can a Lakeland Personal Injury Attorney Provide for Me?

Personal Injury Case

Attorneys are trained professionals that understand what is necessary to prove a personal injury case. They know that evidence is key, along with proving who is negligent and at fault for your injuries. Florida is a no-fault state, and that means that even if you are at fault, you can collect compensation from the other party based on the percentage of damages they have caused.

Resourceful Knowledge

Personal injury lawyers have many resources, education, and skills that they place at your disposal. They provide guidance and assist with preventing you from making the wrong choices regarding your compensation. For example, your attorney will prevent you from ruining your settlement by telling your other parties or their insurance company the incorrect information. They will also advise you not to post information on social media that may damage your case. If you are struggling financially and cannot meet your bills while you wait for your compensation, they may recommend reputable pre-settlement funding that doesn’t require repayment if you lose. 

Guidance on How to Build Your Case

Your attorney will tell you what evidence to collect, what information to include, and what steps to take. First, they will ask you to take photos of your injuries, even if they are bruises—provisional evidence, such as letters from your doctors or your boss, all help. Then, depending on your case, your lawyer will guide you through the process to help give you the best shot at receiving higher compensation.

Managing Documents

The amount of detail that goes into a personal injury case can be excruciating. Luckily, your lawyer will perform the work for you. They will draft documents, incorporate every bit of evidence you provide, and outline how this information is essential. Your damages will be highlighted, where your attorney will explain on paperwork the harsh experiences you endured. They keep everything organized and accurate so that your claim is verifiable. 

Calculating Damages

One of the most challenging aspects of a settlement is totaling the cost of your damages. There are two critical aspects to it, the economic and the non-economic damages. Both are important, but they are calculated differently. Economic damages are primarily dependent upon your medical bills, lab tests, image scans, pharmaceutical medicine, physical therapy, follow-up treatments, and anything else requiring you to pay for healthcare because of your personal injury. This is not limited to your healing process and also includes your income. For example, if you suffer from wage loss, you will need to include how much money you are losing presently. You also need to include income loss for days, weeks, and months ahead. Personal injuries can result in partial to permanent disability, where around 5.6% of Americans experience short-term disability. 

Your non-economic damages must include pain and suffering, and this can consist of physical and emotional discomfort. For example, numbness, severe agony, cramping, burning, aches, and soreness are physical sensations you may feel because of your wounds. In addition, you may be suffering from emotional anguish, depression, anxiety, PTSD, worry, low self-esteem, embarrassment, shame, guilt, anger, frustration, and more. If you have been experiencing loss of joy in life after your personal injury, you should alert your attorney. They can calculate your damages by incorporating a multiplier of one to five, depending upon the severity of the injury. The other approach is to place a monetary amount on the days it took for you to recover, or the “per diem” approach. 

Proving the Other Party is At Fault

Who is at fault can be hard to pin down, but it can be defined as who has been negligent in providing a duty to you. Neglectful behavior is based upon another’s actions being poor in character. The other person must owe a duty to you in some way. For example, in a car accident, the other driver must be following state laws to help prevent a motor vehicle accident simply by paying attention to the road. 

If it is a medical malpractice case, your doctor owes a duty to you by providing high-quality healthcare. To breach this duty means that the other party’s services fell to substandard care. A great example of that is when a boat captain causes a child to drown because their boat didn’t incorporate safety measures for kids. If the neglectful actions of the other party are the direct cause for the damages you experienced and personal injury was the result, then your attorney can prove that they are at fault. Several circumstances come into play that can reveal neglectful behavior.

Communication with Other Parties

Your attorney will be in constant communication with you, other involved parties, and, if applicable, their insurance company. They perform negotiation tactics that employ strategies they know can provide results. Their talents lay in explaining the facts to others, pressuring the other party to provide payment. If the other parties refuse to settle according to your terms and all parties can’t agree on the compensation amount, your attorney can file a petition in court. This is typically avoided as they try to settle outside of court. Even if you do file a complaint, around 95% of cases end in a pre-trial settlement. 

Filing Court Complaint

To file a lawsuit, your attorney will draft documents and prepare you for trial. They advise you on how to dress professionally, what to say, and support you through the process. Your attorney will represent your case before the jury, who decides what the ultimate award will be. Most juries rule in favor of the victim and will consider all aspects of the damages you experienced. The other party will be expected to pay for the court fees and follow the court order to give you compensation based on what the jury decided. 

What Are Qualifying Personal Injury Cases?

Personal injuries can happen almost anywhere and are pretty standard. Accidental injuries are the third leading cause of nationwide deaths. The most common personal injury cases you may see include the following:

Slip and Fall Cases

Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury caused by this happens when you are on the premises of a property owner liable for your safety. If they neglected to maintain their premises, they are responsible for your damages. If they did not put up hazard signs, this could happen, did not warn you of the dangerous conditions, or you couldn’t recognize the potential threat. For example, if there is a significant dip in a staircase where one of the floorboards is broken, and you twist your ankle, you are not at fault. However, an injury such as this could have been avoided if the premises owner repaired their staircase.

Car Accident Cases

A large number of car accidents are caused by distracted driving. One in five cases of individuals who died in a car accident was due to a distracted driver. This includes motorcycle accidents that can ultimately result in greater damages because motorcyclists are exposed and not in an enclosed vehicle. Your attorney can pursue your claim by proving that the other driver is at fault for causing your injuries. Even in a no-fault state, your attorney can still interact with the other party’s insurance company, witnesses, and use your evidence to obtain a fair award. 

Medical Malpractice Cases

It is disappointing when you seek treatment from your medical doctor, but they fall below state standards. If you received treatment from your doctor that directly caused you harm, then you may have a case of medical malpractice. This can include misdiagnosis, incorrect dosages, the wrong medicine, incorrect lab tests, no response to lab tests, early release, unnecessary surgery, incorrect surgery, leaving surgical devices inside you, and more. 

Wrongful Death Cases

If you are the survivor of a loved one or family member who passed away, you can seek compensation for the deceased’s wrongful death. You can obtain compensation for the lost support and services of your loved one, companionship, guidance, mentoring, instruction, and more. In addition to this, you can obtain compensation for their pain and suffering based on what they were experiencing before they passed away. Also included in the settlement are the funeral and burial costs, the amount of income they made, the projected income loss, continued living, promotions, and more. Your attorney can help walk you through all the damages you can receive as a survivor of the victim. 

Dog Bite Cases

If a dog bit you due to the owner’s negligence, your attorney could prove your case to help you obtain payment for your damages. This is when the animal has attacked you unprovoked, even if this isn’t their normal behavior. Dog bites can result in puncture wounds, tendon and ligament tears, deep tissue wounds, disfigurement, scars, and crushed bones. You also may need to get antibiotics or a vaccination because a dog bite can put you at risk of infection or rabies. In addition, dog bites can cause significant pain, create PTSD, and create temporary disability. All of this can be included in your compensation. 

Product Liability Cases

This occurs when you use a product or purchase an item that results in you getting injured. You may be harmed because the item was defective, for example, or may not have performed to standards and fell apart. Another reason may be that the item was malfunctioning and became life-threatening. A great example includes electric heaters that often become fire hazards when they spark and cause an entire household to burn down. In these cases, the company is at fault for your damages and must compensate you for your personal injury. 

How to Work With a Lakeland Personal Injury Attorney

When you have suffered damages and need compensation to recover your losses, you can work with an educated attorney to help you get your life back. Medical bills can create a massive dent in your savings and vastly burden you and your family. It can take a long time to get back to normalcy while healing from your personal injury. You can work with a law firm to fight for you and represent your case through negotiation or the judicial system. 

Many individuals don’t seek compensation, where they struggle from the weight of this financial burden. Others try to represent themself and end up making common mistakes that can reduce their award amount. Work with a law firm that gets the job done. You can call Turnbull Injury Law today to get a free consultation.

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