Interdisciplinary Training Programs for Elopement and Injury Prevention in Nursing Homes

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Elopement and injury prevention in nursing homes is not the sole responsibility of nurses or security staff—it is a collective effort that requires the expertise of multiple disciplines. The crux of effective prevention lies in interdisciplinary training programs that incorporate insights and expertise from various fields such as nursing, psychology, social work, and security.

The Need for Interdisciplinary Training

Traditional approaches to elopement and injury prevention often compartmentalize training, focusing narrowly on individual roles within the facility. However, the complexities of elopement and injury prevention necessitate a holistic view that only an interdisciplinary approach can offer. Different disciplines bring unique perspectives and skills to address these challenges in a comprehensive manner.

Core Components of Interdisciplinary Training Programs

Risk Assessment

Incorporate methodologies from psychology and social work to conduct in-depth risk assessments for elopement and other injuries.

Preventative Measures

Use nursing protocols and guidelines from professional organizations to implement proactive preventative measures.

Enhanced Problem-solving

Bringing in perspectives from multiple disciplines can result in more effective problem-solving strategies.

Improved Communication

An interdisciplinary training program helps standardize terminology and procedures across different departments, enhancing interdepartmental communication.

Comprehensive Care

A well-rounded approach ensures that all aspects of resident care, from mental health to physical safety, are addressed.

Real-world Examples of Success

Multiple studies and pilot programs have shown the efficacy of interdisciplinary approaches. For instance, a nursing home that implemented interdisciplinary training saw a 30% reduction in elopement incidents within the first year and a similar reduction in injury rates related to falls.


The complexities of elopement and injury prevention in nursing homes require a multidisciplinary approach. An interdisciplinary training program brings together expertise from various disciplines to provide holistic, effective solutions to these challenges.



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