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Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Winter Haven

Leaving an elderly or disabled loved one with strangers is already a nerve-wracking experience. We entrust the care of our most vulnerable family members to nursing homes and long-term care facilities, expecting that they will receive the care and attention that they need and deserve. We hold nursing homes to a high standard of care because if they do not satisfy that standard, our loved ones can suffer real harm. For that reason, nursing homes and other facilities owe residents and their families a duty of care. When they breach that duty and neglect to their residents, they must be held liable for the harm they have caused.

Winter Haven nursing home neglect attorney Sanga Turnbull is dedicated to helping victims of neglect, negligence, and abuse in nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Central Florida. Corporations often run nursing homes, and corporations are focused first and foremost on profits. When managing their bottom line conflicts with satisfying the duty of care they owe your loved ones, their cost-cutting can directly harm your family. The Turnbull Firm is here to take them to task, keep your family safe, and recover any damages you and your family are owed based on the harm they have caused.

How Does Nursing Home Negligence Happen?

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities owe residents certain duties of care, just like doctors and nurses in hospitals. Unfortunately, they are also businesses, and businesses make mistakes and cause problems when they let their interest in profit overtake their duty to their customers.

Nursing homes have the responsibility, for one, to ensure that their nurses and other staff are well-qualified. Nursing homes receive federal funding through Medicare and Medicaid, meaning that they have to meet federal guidelines for staffing and licensing. Part of the duty of a nursing home is to run criminal and employment background checks on any potential staff, to examine their credentials, evaluate their training and education, and generally ensure that they are an appropriate fit for the home. Failure to run the appropriate background checks, properly evaluate credentials, or conduct ongoing training and supervision is often a contributing factor to nursing home neglect. When unqualified or inappropriate staff skate by with criminal histories or inadequate training, they are a danger to nursing home residents.

Nursing homes also have a responsibility to keep sufficient staff numbers at all times, regardless of how full or busy the home is at the time. If there are too few members of the staff for the amount of work to go around, residents may get ignored or overlooked, and mistakes will be made. Overworked nurses and staff who are stretched too thin across too many patients may themselves have good intentions, but they are simply incapable of giving your loved ones the care they deserve. Patients may be left without proper medical treatment, malnourished, uncleaned, and otherwise uncared for. Nursing home residents often take significant amounts of care and attention to stay fit and healthy, and overstaffed homes can create just as much danger as the presence of malicious or abusive staff.

Types of Neglect and Malpractice in Nursing Homes

Nursing home neglect occurs when staff fails to do something that they should have done, and the resident suffers harm as a result. Nursing home neglect can occur in a variety of ways. Negligence can occur on the medical side, such as a problem with a patient’s medication or other treatment, or it can occur in the everyday care of a nursing home resident. Forms of neglect include, for example:

  • Mistakes regarding medication, such as over- or under-medicating or failing to adjust treatment based on side effects
  • Failing to keep residents hydrated, well-fed, and hygienic
  • Failing to administer necessary medical treatment or care to residents, in particular instances or over a period of time
  • Forgetting to turn over or otherwise move and engage with immobile and disabled residents
  • Failing to keep nursing home premises clean and sanitary
  • Failing to supervise staff properly
  • Failing to protect residents against the harmful actions of third parties such as visitors or other residents

The Turnbull Firm has years of experience identifying nursing home negligence and helping residents and their families recover for the injuries and illnesses residents suffer as a result. Our nursing home neglect lawyer will help you investigate the home for signs of neglect and determine the appropriate response, whether it be a personal injury claim, a medical malpractice claim, or reporting the neglect to the proper authorities.

Do Not Let Your Loved Ones Suffer from Nursing Home Neglect

If you have any reason to believe that your loved one is suffering from neglect or negligent care in a Winter Haven nursing home or long-term care facility, the time to act is now. Our nursing home neglect team at The Turnbull Firm will investigate the nursing home to look for signs of neglect and ensure that your loved one is properly cared for. If there is neglect or negligence, we will work with you to hold the home or any other at-fault parties responsible for the harm they have caused your family. Contact our Winter Haven nursing home neglect attorney today at 863-324-3500 for a free consultation.

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