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Getting Compensation For A Warehouse Injury

Industrial warehouses are inherently dangerous places to work. The job involves heavy machinery, back-breaking labor and constant, repetitive motions. Any misstep by a supervisor, a machine manufacturer, a driver or another worker can lead to pain, serious injury, dismemberment, disability, lost wages and even death. If you were hurt in an accident that was caused by defective equipment, inadequate safety measures or training or other negligent behavior, then you have the right to bring a claim in court. In addition to your employer and their insurance provider, you may have a claim against third-party manufacturers, suppliers and vendors if their equipment contributed to an accident.

The Lakeland warehouse accident attorneys at The Turnbull Law Firm have years of experience helping injured plaintiffs recover from insurance providers, employers and negligent third parties after industrial accidents. Personal injury attorney Sanga Turnbull cares about your health and your recovery above all and will gladly come to you personally to discuss your case if you are unable to come to the office as a result of your injury. They will fight to protect your rights, ensure your coverage and maximize your recovery.

What Leads To Warehouse Injury?

While working at a warehouse, you are exposed to a variety of dangers that may ultimately lead to an accident and injury. Workers are exposed to risks including, among others:

  • Falls. Fall hazards are everywhere in warehouses, whether that means falling off a scaffold, falling from a ladder or lifting device, falling from a higher level to a lower level or slipping or tripping over errant equipment or wires. Workers may also be struck by falling equipment.
  • Lifting injuries. Warehouse workers often have to lift and move heavy objects throughout the day, which can cause muscle strain or tears, as well as neck, back, spine and shoulder injuries.
  • Explosions and fires. Warehouses often contain incendiary chemicals, gases, and fumes, as well as furnaces, blowtorches, and other dangerous machinery. Improper storage or use of any chemicals or equipment can easily lead to fires and explosions, severely injuring factory and warehouse workers.
  • Forklift accidents. Forklifts are used to move around heavy cargo and machinery. Misuse or unsafe use of a forklift or use of a forklift that is not well-maintained or lacks appropriate safety precautions can be extremely dangerous for nearby workers.
  • Chemical exposure. Chemicals are dangerous in their own right, even aside from the fire risk. Exposure to a toxic chemical can lead to serious illness, burns, blindness and other severe maladies.

Getting The Full Compensation You Deserve

If you were injured on the job in Florida, regardless of fault, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. Employers and workers’ compensation insurance providers, however, are looking for every excuse to minimize or reject your claim. They will try to downplay your injuries, limit your disability and claim that your injury really came from activities outside the workplace. A dedicated Lakeland personal injury attorney can help you file your strongest claim and push back against insurance companies trying to limit your recovery.

Moreover, if your injury was caused by the negligence of any third parties, such as equipment manufacturers or other vendors, then you may have a claim for liability against those at-fault parties. You can seek additional damages that are unavailable under workers’ compensation, such as pain and suffering and emotional trauma like disfigurement. Lakeland warehouse accident lawyer Sanga Turnbull will evaluate your case and help you chart the path towards maximum recovery.

Dedicated Service To Warehouse Injury Victims

Personal injury lawyer Sanga Turnbull has decades of experience helping clients in Florida recover the damages they are owed after accidents in public areas, on the roadways and in the workplace. Mr. Turnbull has been on both sides of the table, having defended insurance companies as well as pursued claims for injured plaintiffs.

Mr. Turnbull knows how defense attorneys, insurance companies and big corporations think. Having spent much of his career right here in Lakeland, Mr. Turnbull is intimately familiar with the defense attorneys, the courts and the procedures. He is prepared to put that experience to bear in order to get you the settlement or victory in court that you deserve after your warehouse accident.

Get Results After A Warehouse Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured working at an industrial warehouse in Lakeland, get compensated for the damages you and your family have suffered. Call the experienced, talented and effective Lakeland warehouse accident attorney at 863-336-6993 or email them here for an evaluation of your claims.