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Seeking Compensation For A Slip And Fall

Slip-and-fall injuries are very common and can result in injuries that become expensive as medical bills begin to pile up. When a premises owner hasn’t maintained their property correctly, they can be held liable for the accident injuries caused to visitors or customers. Slip-and-fall accidents can happen for various reasons, but it all comes down to whether a property owner was neglectful or not. Slip-and-fall lawyers can prove whether or not there was negligence using the evidence available.

After a slip-and-fall injury, you may be dealing with income loss as you take time to recover from your accident. When this happens, you can work with a proven lawyer from The Turnbull Law Firm who can improve your chances of receiving a settlement that covers all of your damages. Your slip-and-fall lawyer has the job of uncovering the reasons why the other party is at fault for your damages. They also will list the extent of your damages and present them comprehensively.

How Do Orlando Slip-And-Fall Accident Injuries Happen?

Slip-and-fall injuries are dangerous and cause thousands of deaths per year. Millions of people go to emergency rooms for fall cases caused by premises accidents. Most of these injuries happen because of maintenance issues on the business property.

No Visible Warning In Fall Cases

The premises owner may have observed a hazardous area on the property that created a risk for anyone visiting or passing through. If this is the case, they have to put up a sign or verbally warn people to avoid that area or hold liability. If the business owner did not make anyone aware of the hazard and placed no signs around the property, then they can be held liable for damages caused by the hazard.

Hazardous Conditions On The Property

If the property has cracked surfaces, potholes in the ground, uneven surfaces and broken floorboards, these are physical hazards that can endanger guests’ well-being and create liability for the property owner. Even surfaces that are too slippery can cause accidents, as the victim can slip and fall onto the ground. This may not seem like a big deal, but accidents like these can result in concussions and other serious injuries.

The Property Is Run Down

When premises owners try to save money, they may skimp on updating old buildings and repaving sidewalks. As a result, there may be old ripped carpet you can trip on, broken staircases, and even exposed electrical wiring. When there are dangerous conditions like this and no fencing or tape that displays that you should not go near these areas, the property owner is liable for your slip and fall accident injuries.

The Property Is Poorly Maintained

Often, property owners simply aren’t paying attention to the maintenance of their business, resulting in liability for the victim. There may be a dangerous condition where a pile-up of leaves becomes so slippery that people fall. Other examples include steep sidewalks with no grip, where heavy rainfall makes it impossible for anyone to walk across safely. If there is poor drainage, this can also cause problems when there is flooding. Issues like these show that there is negligence where the premises owner is visibly irresponsible.

Who Is At Fault For My Slip-And-Fall Accident Injuries?

If you could not foresee the obstacle that led to your injury, then you are not at fault. Slip-and-fall lawyers have to prove that the property owner is negligent and was not taking proper care to keep their business and surrounding property safe enough for visitors.

Why You Need An Attorney

Your attorney is dedicated to getting the settlement you are entitled to after you have suffered damages. They do this for slip-and-fall cases in the following ways:

They Help You Gather Evidence

After you have been injured, you should take pictures of your serious injuries and the area in which you slipped and fell. This means your photographs have to depict what caused your injury and show the injuries you received. This way, all of your medical bills can be included in your claim. Your lawyer may also ask you to get a doctor’s note defining how your accident injuries prevented you from going to work. This provides additional evidence for why your settlement should include current and future wage loss in your compensation.

Settlement Negotiation

Your slip-and-fall attorney will approach the other parties to help them understand how they caused your personal injury. The evidence is displayed along with the damages that you experienced. Your attorney will negotiate with the other parties to get you a fair settlement offer. If the other parties don’t agree, you can file a lawsuit for your personal injury.

Expert Representation

Lawyers can explain facts and details very accurately and clearly. They do so professionally to help everyone accept the settlement terms. When this doesn’t work, your attorney will represent your case before a judge. In slip-and-fall cases, they use the evidence to prove who’s at fault to give you the best chance of getting the settlement you need.

Damages Calculation

You may make the mistake of underestimating or overshooting the number of damages you are owed. Slip-and-fall accident attorneys know the industry standards and can accurately calculate your compensation. They also know all the damages that you can claim. For example, you will have to include both economic and noneconomic damages.

Economic damages include wage loss and medical bills. Noneconomic damages include pain and suffering, which is something your attorney will know how to calculate accurately. If your loved one passed away due to a slip-and-fall injury, you can also claim wrongful death damages. Because there are a large number of damages you may not have considered, your attorney can guide you through what you may have overlooked.

Let An Attorney Help You

Slip-and-fall accidents can be devastating and result in broken bones, making life difficult for you and your family. Most settlement amounts are calculated inaccurately without the help of an attorney guiding the process. They understand how much a slip-and-fall accident may be worth and can secure a settlement because of their diligence and dedication.

Work with a reliable law firm that can fight for your rights. You can be represented and backed by a slip-and-fall lawyer in Orlando so that your personal injury is taken seriously when demanding compensation for your damages. Call The Turnbull Law Firm at 863-336-6993 to get a free consultation on your slip-and-fall case.