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Orlando Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Attorney Serving Injury Victims in Orlando, Florida

Motor vehicle collisions are almost entirely preventable, yet they occur with frequency in Orlando as a result of negligence. Indeed, motorists engage in distracted driving, aggressive driving, drunk driving, and other negligent behaviors behind the wheel that put others at serious risk of injury. If you or someone you love got hurt in a traffic collision in Orlando, you should discuss your options with an Orlando auto accident attorney.

Steps to Take After an Orlando Auto Accident

If you are injured in an Orlando auto accident, you should take the following steps to preserve your right to financial compensation:

  • Document the scene of the accident;
  • Get contact information for others involved and who may have witnessed the crash;
  • Have a doctor assess you as soon as possible;
  • Report the accident to your insurance company but stick to the facts; and
  • Hire an Orlando auto accident lawyer to assist with your case.

What Will Happen If I Was Partially At Fault for the Orlando Car Crash?

Many potential plaintiffs in car accident cases want to know whether they should consider filing a lawsuit if they were partially to blame for a collision. Under Florida’s comparative fault law, or contributory negligence law, a plaintiff in the state is still allowed to recover damages even if she is at fault. Since Florida has what is known as a “pure” comparative fault law, a plaintiff can recover even if she bears a majority of the responsibility for the collision. However, the plaintiff’s recovery will be reduced by his or her proportion of the negligence.

For example, if a plaintiff is awarded $500,000 in an auto accident case but is found to be 10 percent at fault, that award will be reduced by 10 percent. In this scenario, the plaintiff would receive $500,000 – 10 percent ($50,000), for a total recovery of $450,000. 

How Much Time Do I Have to File an Orlando Auto Accident Lawsuit?

Under Florida law, the statute of limitations in most car accident lawsuits is four year. What does this mean in practice? A plaintiff has four years from the date the accident happened to initially file a lawsuit. This “clock” starts to tick as soon as the plaintiff suffers an injury, even if she does not realize she is injured until several days have passed. Accordingly, the clock begins to tick on the date of the collision. Once that four-year clock has run out, the plaintiff will have what is known as a time-barred claim. Even if you have the best possible case against an at-fault driver, Florida law prohibits a plaintiff from obtaining compensation from a time-barred lawsuit. 

Contact an Orlando Auto Accident Lawyer Today

Do you need help with an Orlando car accident claim? You should never try to go through the claims process on your own. Insurance companies are only interested in their own bottom line, and filing a negligence lawsuit against the at-fault driver can be extremely complicated. One of the experienced Orlando auto accident lawyers at our firm can begin working with you today on your case. We will do everything we can to get you the compensation you need from an auto insurance claim, and if the insurance company cannot cover your losses, we are prepared to file a lawsuit. Contact The Turnbull Firm to learn more about how we regularly assist plaintiffs in Florida car crash cases.

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