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Lakeland Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident

After getting into a disastrous car accident, you may be going through the stress of your recovery and the burden of new medical bills. Car accidents are costly and are estimated to cost 1 trillion dollars annually in the loss of productivity and life. If your day-to-day life is gravely affected by the damages you experienced after an auto accident, then you should speak with an accident attorney. They can provide excellent advice on dealing with your insurance company and help you receive a settlement from the other driver. 

Recover lost income with the guidance of a reputable law firm that can help you claim your losses. An auto accident can cause wage loss and create a dent in your savings. Get help in Lakeland, FL today and call The Turnbull Firm for a free consultation. 

Auto Accident Lawyers in Lakeland, FL 

Car accident victims can significantly benefit from the help of a Lakeland car accident lawyer, as they can provide valuable information. In addition, these legal professionals understand Florida law and improve your ability to receive a settlement large enough to cover the costs of your damages. 

What Exactly Do Lakeland Car Accident Lawyers Do?

Your motor vehicle accident settlement will require interaction with insurance companies, witnesses, and other involved parties. Your car accident attorney can improve your chances of receiving the best settlement. With their help, you can avoid severe financial damage and get your life back to normal. 

Negotiation Tactics

Lakeland car collision lawyers will do all the talking for you. They communicate with the insurance companies and other parties. Before they begin, your attorney will create a successful strategy. This will help them develop a strong approach that will allow them to receive compensation using the evidence you provided. Insurance companies try to save money and won’t want to give up money so quickly, so your Lakeland personal injury attorney must fight for your right to a settlement. 

Drafting Documents

Attorneys happily create documents, organize information, and provide legal papers to all parties involved. They help the other parties understand where the estimation of your damages came from by making all of the information clear. This is crucial for negotiating your settlement so that the other party’s insurance company can’t refute your claim. It is also essential for legal representation in court if you wind up filing a lawsuit. In this scenario, appearing before the judge and the entire jury will require the documentation of all your damages on paper. Representation to Other Parties

Your attorney stands up for you and supports you as they represent your case. They are professional, cordial, and to the point. They provide the necessary communication to get the job done. It can be difficult when you are suffering from your injuries and struggling with medical bills, which can be a strain when speaking to others. Your lawyer will keep a professional tone and express the direness of your situation so that the other parties take you seriously. 

Reliable Advice

Car accident lawyers greatly understand Florida law and can help guide you past common errors most claimants make. They will help you estimate your settlement for both economic and non-economic damages. You won’t overshoot the amount or provide the wrong settlement to the other parties, which can undermine your goals and get you turned down completely. They will help you build evidence for your case the right way. You will also be protected from providing information that insurance companies can use against you to reduce your settlement amount. 

Is it Better to File a Lawsuit or to Settle?

Lakeland car accident attorneys will help you get a settlement by pressuring the other parties to agree. If you end up in court, they will represent you before the jury regardless. There are pros and cons to settling as opposed to filing a lawsuit.

Faster and Simpler

Settling out of court helps shorten the amount of time it will take for you to receive a settlement. The litigation process can take a long time, as there is now a judge and jury involved who must sift through all of the evidence. You have to wait until the court date is set, and this is only after the other parties respond to your complaint. Once they receive your letter, they have to file a response or select a court date. If they don’t file a rebuttal with information that can delay the appointment, then you will all appear in court. After that, your lawyer must represent your case. Witnesses will have to appear, and the plaintiff or their lawyer has to defend themself. Finally, the jury will review all of the facts and information provided and adjudicate to decide. This is a multi-step process that takes several months to years. It may not be the best option for you if you are short on cash. 

More Likely to Settle

Car Accident

Generally, you will most likely settle as most car accident claims don’t make it to court. This is because attending court can be inconvenient, court fees are expensive, and if the plaintiff loses, they have to pay not only your settlement but also court costs. This is in addition to hiring a lawyer to defend themselves. With all this in mind, it is easier to avoid the headache by settling with a greater chance of saving money. 

Court Leans in Favor of Plaintiff

If the other parties are stubborn and don’t want to provide you the compensation you deserve, then it is likely that the jury will vote in your favor. It is their job to justify the wrongs and make the plaintiff correct their mistakes. Also, if it comes to light that an aggravated driver caused the accident or there were any punitive damages, then there may be legal or criminal action taken against them. 

Not For the Shy

After going through a traumatic car wreck, you may not want to talk about your experiences. This can especially be the case if someone was permanently disabled or died during a car accident. However, when you appear before the jury, you have to speak about what you endured and tell your side of the story. You also have to make sure the evidence matches up with your account. This can be hard if you are emotional and struggling to remember in front of a crowd of listeners. 

How Much Settlement Can I Expect?

Aside from property damage, a Lakeland car accident settlement is entirely dependent upon the damages you experienced. This comes in the form of general and special damages that are both economic and non-economic. 

Injuries Increase Settlement Amount

In car accidents, there are a large number of injuries that you may have experienced. You can receive cuts, burns, lacerations, puncture wounds, broken bones, bruises, or worse. Wounds that result in permanent disability increase settlements substantially, as you will no longer be able to work at your total capacity and receive an ordinary income again. Additionally, you may have to take time off from work completely, which results in lost income. If you have brain injuries or a concussion, then your settlement may increase. Spinal cord damage, surgery, and other costly treatments will likely receive a larger compensation amount. 

Pain and Suffering Counts Too

Medical bills aren’t the only item that you can claim on your settlement. The amount of pain and suffering you experience is considered important and will also be compensated. This includes your emotional anguish, any feelings of depression, and PTSD. Items such as anxiety, embarrassment, shame, and other debilitating emotions will also be included. In addition, if you experienced physical discomfort, such as soreness, achiness, stabbing pains, or worse, you can be compensated. Your lawyer will accurately estimate these more abstract aspects of your settlement. 

Wrongful Death is Treated Differently 

It is not uncommon for car accidents to result in the death of their passengers. Over 38,000 die every year in car accidents, and that is a rate of 12.4 deaths per 100,000 people. There are different items you can claim in your settlement in this case. For example, the loss of companionship, consortium, mentorship, guardianship, and parenting will be part of the settlement amount. The pain and suffering of the victim before they passed and their medical bills will be included. The funeral and burial costs, the lost wages for the rest of their lives, and other expenses can also be compensated. These items are also taken into consideration:

  • The dependent’s age
  • The life situation of dependents
  • The education and training of the victim
  • The health benefits of the victim
  • The pension fund and other benefits of the victim
  • Their earning capacity
  • Their age time of death

There are many other circumstances your attorney will consider, such as the injuries of the other passengers, and add to the wrongful death settlement amount. This is so that you and your family receive the compensation you deserve. 

Whoever is At Fault Changes Auto Accident Compensation

Florida is a no-fault state, which means that your insurance company covers severe injuries under the personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This is regardless of who’s fault it was for your car accident injuries. To receive compensation for what the insurance does not cover, you can still consult with an attorney to help obtain compensation. The insurance coverage in Florida typically extends to 80% of your medical bills and 60% of your lost wages. This may just simply not be enough to cover all of your injuries. It is why you may have to obtain compensation in the form of a settlement or file a lawsuit to get the rest. 

Punitive Damages Increase Settlement

If you believe that the driver went beyond a simple mistake and should be punished for your injuries, your attorney can point out punitive damages in your case. This is when the defendant was distracted while driving, had malicious intent, or driving under the influence. Typically, the police officer will catch on when the other driver is intoxicated, where there will be legal repercussions. However, in the case of distracted driving or road rage, your attorney can step in and prove your case. For example, if they were texting, talking on the phone, interacting with passengers, and other distractions, the other driver may be honest and even admit they were wrong. Attorneys can also file a subpoena for the phone history of the other driver to reveal if they were texting. 

Find Out Additional Information 

Get the help you need from reliable personal injury lawyers in Lakeland, FL. The road to recovery can be a long journey alone, which is why working with a dependable attorney can help you overcome your car accident. You can improve your chance of receiving a larger settlement amount to pay for all of your medical bill expenses. Unfortunately, in Florida, insurance just doesn’t cover up all damages caused by car accidents. You can find out more information on how an attorney can help you today. Call The Turnbull Law Firm now to get a free consultation.

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