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2 ways improper cleaning may lead to injuries in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Nursing Home Neglect

In any place where a number of people live together, regular, detail-oriented cleaning is necessary for both the health and safety of the residents. Nursing homes are no exception. These facilities that house dozens of older adults in close proximity to one another require regular cleaning for the well-being of the residents living there. Residents typically cannot perform such maintenance and rely on staff to keep their spaces – and oftentimes their bodies – clean.

Unfortunately, overworked nursing home employees don’t often fulfill all of their cleaning responsibilities as they should. Understaffing and burnout can both contribute to nursing home employees cutting corners regarding the hygiene of residents and the maintenance of living spaces. Unfortunately, lax cleaning practices can easily lead to harm for nursing home residents because of the two issues detailed below.

The spread of pests or disease

Proper sanitation in a nursing home requires not just hand washing but also surface sanitization and frequent personal hygiene support for residents. When nursing home workers do not keep residents and spaces properly clean, they could easily transmit infections between individuals.

Infestations could also spread rapidly and could progress unchecked in individual patients. Scabies, bed bugs and lice can both make people uncomfortable and potentially threaten their health. Infestations and minor illnesses left unchecked in nursing homes can lead to dire medical consequences for the people that live there.

The increased risk of falls

When the workers at a nursing home don’t put enough focus on keeping the residents and spaces clean, people could end up falling as a result. If residents call for support and no help is forthcoming when they need to take a shower, they may try to tend to their needs on their own, which might lead to them falling and getting hurt. Unclean spaces, like dirty hallways, could very easily lead to someone getting injured in the nursing home if they slip and fall.

When someone’s injury or illness directly relates to inadequate cleaning or other negligence-related issues at a nursing home, the affected individual and/or their family members may need to pursue legal action. Taking action after noticing neglect at nursing homes could potentially protect people living there from worsening circumstances in addition to compensating someone who has already suffered harm. Speaking with an experienced legal professional can help those who are concerned about neglect to clarify their rights and options.