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Researchers Reveal New Ways People Are Engaging in Distracted Driving

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Distracted Driving Accident

Despite countless warnings from safety advocates and the fines and penalties imposed on drivers who text while driving, distracted driving continues to be a major problem and one of the most common causes of car accidents in Florida.

Research has revealed new ways people are engaging in distracted driving. The study, which showed that distractions behind the wheel go beyond smartphones, was published by The Zebra.

The insurance comparison website surveyed motorists across the country and found out that:

  • Nearly two-thirds of drivers admitted to using a smartphone while operating a vehicle;
  • One in four drivers have taken off or put on clothing while driving;
  • Nearly 15% have engaged in sexual activity behind the wheel;
  • One in seven have applied makeup or deodorant while driving; and
  • More than 12% of those surveyed admitted to hitting a passenger while operating a vehicle.

Researchers found that the most common distractions while driving are:

  • Reading something on a smartphone or another device (58%);
  • Texting (56%);
  • Picking one’s nose (47%);
  • Eating something (36%);
  • Kissing a passenger (27%);
  • Taking off or putting on clothing (27%);
  • Cleaning windows or dashboard in the vehicle (25%);
  • Brushing one’s hair (17.5%);
  • Applying makeup or deodorant (15%);
  • Having sex or engaging in sexual activity (15%);
  • Popping one’s pimples (10.5%);
  • Urinating (4.5%);
  • Reading a book or newspaper (4%);
  • Shaving one’s face or legs (2%); and
  • Changing a child’s diaper (1%).

Researchers found no difference between men and women, which means men were as likely to engage in distracted driving as women. More than 23% of those surveyed admitted to using their phone simply because driving is boring.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help Prove Distracted Driving

Proving that a driver engaged in distracted driving can be difficult, especially if the driver refuses to admit fault. However, an experienced car accident attorney may be able to prove that a motorist was using his phone or was otherwise distracted shortly before the accident occurred.

If you suspect that another driver engaged in distracted driving, your attorney will subpoena phone records and gain access to video surveillance cameras in the area to gather evidence proving that:

  • the motorist was distracted when the collision occurred; and
  • the distraction was the cause of the crash.

If the driver was sending a text message or talking on the phone at the time of the collision, cellphone records will show the exact date and time of the phone call or text message prior to the crash.

Also, many newer motor vehicles are equipped with computer equipment or “black boxes” that record a driver’s activity behind the wheel. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to subpoena those records to help you prove distracted driving.

In complicated car accident cases involving a distracted motorist, a lawyer may need to hire accident reconstruction experts and other expert witnesses to determine how the accident occurred and who should be held liable for the resulting losses and damages.

If you need legal assistance with proving that the other driver engaged in distracted driving, do not hesitate to contact our Lakeland distracted driving accident attorney. Schedule a consultation with our skilled attorney at The Turnbull Firm to obtain compensation. Call at 863-324-3500 for a free case review.