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Can You Sue for Coronavirus via a Personal Injury Suit?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Personal Injury

The third case of coronavirus was reported in Florida after a Hillsborough County woman tested “presumptive positive.” The woman is the sister of a 20-year-old woman who already had the virus, according to the Miami Herald. “Presumptive positive” means that authorities have not yet confirmed the test. The woman is isolating herself in Florida.

Now that coronavirus is in Hillsborough County, and health authorities in Polk County say they are prepared to cope with the deadly virus, many people may wonder, “Can coronavirus victims file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages?”

Coronavirus Outbreak in Hillsborough County, Florida

It is known that the sister traveled to Milan, Italy, before returning to the U.S., where she tested “presumptive positive” for COVID-19. The area around Milan was the site of Europe’s first outbreak of coronavirus.

The roommate of the woman who already has the virus has so far not shown symptoms of coronavirus, but authorities keep monitoring her. The roommate is self-isolating. In Manatee County, a man in his 60s also tested positive for COVID-19. He was initially hospitalized with symptoms of pneumonia.

Besides the coronavirus cases in Hillsborough and Manatee County, the state of Florida is currently waiting on 16 pending test results. So far, two dozen people have tested negative, while health officials continue monitoring nearly 250 people.

Earlier in March, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency after authorities confirmed two positive tests. As health officials in Florida expect more people to contract coronavirus, state lawmakers are preparing legislation to allocate additional resources to combat COVID-19.

U.S. Death Toll from Coronavirus Keeps Rising

After multiple cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Hillsborough County, a neighboring county – Polk County – is actively preparing to cope with the deadly virus. According to The Ledger, health officials in Polk County say the county’s hospitals are ready to test and treat victims as COVID-19 outbreak reaches the Sunshine State.

Health authorities, school officials and others in the county are on alert for the spread of coronavirus in Lakeland and other parts of the county. On March 6, Florida’s health officials announced that two people had died from COVID-19 in the Sunshine state, raising the U.S. death toll from coronavirus to at least 17.

According to The Hill, the deaths from coronavirus in Florida are the first ones reported on the East Coast. Before the deaths in Florida, California and Washington were the only states to have reported coronavirus deaths in the U.S. One of the fatalities was in Lee County, while the other occurred in Santa Rosa County. Both victims were in their 70s and had recently returned from abroad.

Can Coronavirus Victims Sue for the Deadly Virus?

Are coronavirus victims entitled to monetary compensation if they were infected with the deadly virus? In other words, can someone who tested positive for COVID-19 file a personal injury suit against the hospital, cruise ship, nursing home, or another facility where they were exposed to the virus? Or can families of coronavirus victims file a wrongful death suit?

In theory, yes, but that would require a Lakeland personal injury attorney to determine whether the facility took “all reasonable measures” to prevent exposure to coronavirus. Contact The Turnbull Firm to determine whether you can sue for coronavirus in your case. Call at 407-612-6464 or 863-324-3500 to discuss your options.