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Causes of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Orange County, FL

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | Motorcycle Accident

Florida has the second-highest number of registered motorcyclists (over 586,000) in the nation. However, the Sunshine State has the highest number of fatal motorcycle crashes. Yes, Florida’s warm weather all year round acts as a magnet for bikers who love the thrill of riding a motorcycle.

However, if you enjoy riding a bike in Orange County or other parts of Florida, you should be aware of the risks of motorcycle accident injuries. Fatal motorcycle accidents in Polk County have been on the rise lately.

Two Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Orange County Within 24 Hours

A 53-year-old motorcyclist died after a collision with an Orlando driver. The fatal motorcycle crash occurred after 9:20 p.m. on State Road 50 at Avalon Boulevard in Orange County, according to Florida Today. Charges are pending against the Orlando motorist who fatally struck the biker.

The motorcyclist was riding his 2016 Zero when he proceeded through a green light at Avalon Boulevard. The driver, a 20-year-old female on her 1998 Ford, started making a left turn against a red light and ended up colliding with the motorcyclist.

This was not the only fatal motorcycle accident reported in Orange County that day. According to WFTV, another deadly crash happened in Edgewood at Hansel Avenue and Mary-Jess Road. The accident involved a driver and motorcyclist; the latter was pronounced dead at the scene.

Many fatal motorcycle accidents in Orange County occur because drivers or other parties are negligent. That negligence puts motorcyclists at risk, which can result in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Orange County, Florida

In most motorcycle crashes, the biker is not the one at fault in an accident. Causes of motorcycle accidents in which the other party is at fault include:

  • Drunk driving. When driving under the influence, impaired drivers are unable to concentrate on the road well enough to spot motorcyclists in their path.
  • Distracted driving. Motorcyclists are difficult to notice on the road compared to larger vehicles. This factor, combined with distracted driving, can be a recipe for disaster. Motorists who do not pay enough attention to the road can rear-end a biker or run a motorcyclist off the road.
  • Aggressive driving. Congested roads are a common cause of aggressiveness among motorists. Given that motorcyclists are less susceptible to traffic jams, drivers of larger vehicles may assume an aggressive attitude toward bikers.
  • Traffic violations. Like regular car accidents, collisions involving motorcyclists may be the result of either party’s failure to follow traffic laws.
  • Defective motorcycle or auto parts. In some instances, motorcycle crashes are not the fault of a motorcyclist or car driver, but of the manufacturer of a vehicle or its parts. When a collision between a motorcycle and a car is caused by a defect or malfunction, the injured may pursue a product liability claim.
  • Unsafe road conditions. Sometimes, motorcycle collisions in Orange County have nothing to do with the parties involved. This is true for accidents that occur due to potholes, uneven pavement, large cracks, or other unsafe road conditions. If this was the cause of your crash, you might be able to sue a governmental agency.

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